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Reusable Grocery Bags Are Green, But Also Pose Dangers

You may be packing more than sale items in your reusable grocery bags. These convenient carrying cases can become contaminated, if you're not careful.

American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Studay – 3 Phone Bank

ABC 36 Will host a phone bank Monday July 30th

Long-Term Birth Control Options That Are Highly Effective

There are many options when it comes to birth control, but intra-uterine devices, or IUD's, and injectables are gaining in popularity.

Why Every Child Should Get A Cholesterol Test

Heart disease seems to start developing later in life, but the truth is, even children can show signs of the disease.

New Therapy For Kids With Egg Allergy

If a child is allergic to egg, typically it goes away as they get older, but for some children, it's not that easy.

Why Back To School Physicals Are Important

We're in the heart of summer, but it's also the time when parents start thinking about getting their children into the pediatrician for their back to school physical.

Molecule Could Help Prevent Heart Disease

There may be a new weapon in the battle against atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque inside arteries. A molecule has been discovered that may play a role in preventing that buildup.

Treating Insect Stings On Kids

Small children are often curious about bugs. They may want to touch them and get a closer look, but insects that sting should be considered 'hands off'.

Separating Food Fact From Food Fiction

Sometimes it's tough separating food fact from food fiction. These food myths may cause us to make bad decisions about our diets.

Detecting Food Allergies In Your Child

Food allergies can cause serious reactions, especially in children. So, it's critical to pinpoint what foods may present a problem to your son or daughter as quickly as possible.

How Your Pet Can Help Your Child’s Health

New research shows how dogs and cats can help improve a baby's respiratory health.

Identifying Early Signs of ADHD In Kids

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder exhibit an inability to sit still or focus, but parents may be able to identify some of the signs of ADHD very early on.