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Straight Talk with Ray the D.A.

Ray the D.A. – Introducing Chloe Robertson

Ray introduces us to law clerk Chloe Robertson.

Ray the D.A.- Another look at the Lexington Fire Department

Ray takes us behind the scenes at the Lexington Fire Department.

Ray the D.A. – Lexington Fire Department

A look at some of the services the Lexington Fire Department provides the community beyond fighting fires.

Ray the D.A. – Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney

Ray talks with Fayette County Commonwealth's Attorney.

Ray the D.A. – restitution

Ray talks with a victim advocate about restitution.

Ray the D.A.- Meet victim advocate Blerina Gojani

Ray talks with victims' advocate Blerina Gojani.

Ray the D.A. – Sentencing and Parole

Ray & Amber discuss sentencing and parole

Ray the D.A. – Personal Crime Unit

A talk with the head of the Personal Crime Unit of the Lexington Police Department

Ray the D.A. – Property Crimes

Straight Talk with Ray the D.A. looks at property crimes in the city of Lexington and how to keep from becoming a victim.

Ray the D.A. – S.A.N.E. Program

Ray the D.A. profiles the S.A.N.E. program, which provides examinations for victims of sexual assault.

Ray the D.A. – V.I.P.

Mother of Antonio Franklin Jr. talks about how his death brought about the Violence Intervention Project or V.I.P.