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Hometown Tours

Hometown Tours- Richmond Mall 3

The shops at the Richmond Mall are filling up!

Hometown Tours- Richmond Mall 2

We take a closer look at some of the shops in the Richmond Mall!

Hometown Tours- Richmond Mall 1

The Richmond Mall hosts an impressive variety of shops with something for everyone!

Hometown Tours- Kentucky Artisan Center 3

Everything at the center is handmade and perfect as unique holiday gifts with a personal touch!

Hometown Tours- Kentucky Artisan Center 2

A wide variety of products from all over Kentucky are available at the Kentucky Artisan Center!

Hometown Tours- Kentucky Artisans Center 1

The Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea showcases some of the commonwealths best art!

Kentucky Artisan Center 3

Unique handmade items of all sorts abound at the Kentucky artisan Center!

Kentucky Artisan Center 2

Lyssa continues with a tour of some of the amazing works of art on display, and on sale in Berea

Kentucky Artisan Center 1

Located in Berea, the Kentucky artisan Center aims to celebrate the creative endeavors of the commonwealth!

Hometown Tours- S&S Tire 1

A local automotive repair store serving Fayette and Jessamine Counties!

Hometown Tours- Nicholasville 3

So much to do, so much to see and so much to eat! Local shopping and dinning opportunities abound in Jessamine County!

Hometown Tours- Nicholasville 2

Horses, wine, golf and more! Jessamine County has something for everyone!