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Hometown Tours

Embry’s 2

Lyssa High continues learning about the quality furs available at Emrby's in Lexington!

Embry’s 1

Lyssa High stops in to visit Embry's in Lexington, with owner Cliff Katsamakis.

Hometown Tours- Embry’s Furs

A local fur business is hosting a going out of business sale!

Hometown Tours- Georgetown 2

City Attorney Devan Golden gives us the scoop on this lively and picturesque downtown!

Hometown Tours- Georgetown 1

Lyssa heads to Georgertown to check out everything this Kentucky gem has to offer!

Hometown Tours- Josephine 3

We wrap up our time in Frankfort by looking at some of the artistic talent on display around town!

Hometown Tours- Josephine 2

We continue to learn about a local initiative to support the arts!

Hometown Tours- Josephine 1

Josephine Sculpture park is teaming up with local businesses to help it remain open every single day of the year.

Hometown Tours- Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet, located in the Summit at Fritz Farm, is a one-stop shop for all of your running needs! From shoes to apparel to...

Hometown Tours- Berea Tourism 3

Megan Campbell, communications manager for Berea Tourism talks about what the downtown area has to offer!

Hometown Tours- Berea Tourism 2

We take a look at Gallery 123, which showcases the immense talent of Berea's creative community!

Hometown Tours- Berea Tourism 1

Lyssa heads to Berea for a sneak peak at all the seasonal cheer it has to offer!