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Art of Goodwill

Lisa High speaks with Ben Hayden about the Art of Goodwill.

Art Of Goodwill

Lisa High speaks with Ben Hayden about the Art of Goowill.

The Goodwill Residency Program 2

We learn about the Goodwill Residency Program and how they work with local artists to create beautiful pieces of art!

Goodwill 2

We continue to learn more about Goodwill stores and the work they are doing in Lexington.

Goodwill 1

Marcia Berry and Dennis Ritchie join us to talk about Goodwill stores!


Molina Healthcare is doing it's part to ensure everyone has access to healthcare!

Embry’s 3

Huge deals on fantastic furs are available at Embry's in Lexington

Embry’s 2

Lyssa High continues learning about the quality furs available at Emrby's in Lexington!

Embry’s 1

Lyssa High stops in to visit Embry's in Lexington, with owner Cliff Katsamakis.

Hometown Tours- Embry’s Furs

A local fur business is hosting a going out of business sale!

Hometown Tours- Georgetown 2

City Attorney Devan Golden gives us the scoop on this lively and picturesque downtown!

Hometown Tours- Georgetown 1

Lyssa heads to Georgertown to check out everything this Kentucky gem has to offer!

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