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Garden Guy – Knockout Roses

Our Garden Guy gives tips on how to grow and care for knockout roses and tells us why they are the perfect addition to...

Garden Guy – Blueberry Plants

Mike O'Rourke, "The Garden Guy" tells us about blueberry plants and what needs to happen to grow great tasting blueberries.

The Garden Guy – Getting Your Vegetables Started in the Garden

It's now time to get your vegetables in the garden. Get them out there. Whether you do a container garden or whether you put them in the ground, and you till them, and you sweat your behind off, and you're weeding like nothing

The Garden Guy – Difference Between Annual and Perennial Flowers

The Garden Guy, Mike O'Rourke, tells us the difference difference between an annual and a perennial.

The Garden Guy – Mandevilla Plant

If your green thumb wishes don't quite become green thumb reality, Mike O'Rourke has a solution. In this week's "The Garden Guy," he introduces the Mandevilla plant, which will make you look like a gardening master without much in the way of upkeep!

The Garden Guy – Picking Your Peonies

Everyone loves peonies, but which are the best for your garden? Mike O'Rourke takes a closer look in this week's "The Garden Guy."

Mother’s Day floral gift ideas from the Garden Guy

Our 'Garden Guy' has floral gift ideas for Mother's Day that will keep giving year round.

The Garden Guy – Growing Rhododendrons

ABC 36's Mike O'Rourke takes a look at planting, and caring for, rhododendrons in this week's "The Garden Guy."

The Garden Guy – Getting Your Herb Garden Going

Now that the weather is warmer, it's time to set your herbs outside! Mike O'Rourke has everything you need to know about getting your herb garden going in this week's "The Garden Guy."

The Garden Guy – Caring for Easter Flowers

Those beautiful Easter flowers you received on the holiday don't have to dry out and fade away. Mike O'Rourke explains how to make them a permanent part of your garden in this week's "The Garden Guy."

The Garden Guy – Post-Winter Lawn Repairs

Winter is over, but the effects may still be showing up on your lawn. ABC 36's Mike O'Rourke has some tips on welcoming your grass back into Spring in this week's "The Garden Guy."

The Garden Guy – Plant Pansies for Color

Get blooms in your garden twice a year with one plant! Mike O'Rourke has the scoop on pansies in this week's "The Garden Guy."