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Garden Guy – French Hydrangeas

French Hydrangeas

Garden Guy – Pruning Perennials

The Garden Guy tells us how to prune our perennials to get them ready for winter

The Garden Guy – Hardy Hydrangeas

The Garden Guy on a hybrid hydrangea that can withstand harsher conditions.

Garden Guy – Hydrangeas

Growing hydrangeas

Garden Guy – Getting Rid of Nutsedge

Garden Guy talks about getting rid of nutsedge.

Garden Guy – Growing Healthy Food

How to grow healthy foods using the right nutrients.

Garden Guy – Japanese Beatles

There are several products that you can purchase and apply to protect your plants.

Garden Guy – Plythium Blight in your lawn

Pythium blight, also known as grease spot and cottony blight, can be a highly destructive turfgrass disease, especially on bentgrasses and ryegrasses.

The Garden Guy – Perennials vs Annuals

Annual versus perennial

The Garden Guy – Maple trees

The Garden Guy looks at the different types of Maple trees and has advice on picking the best one for your yard.

The Garden Guy – Picking Yard Grass

The Garden Guy looks at different yard grasses.

The Garden Guy – Hydrangeas

The Garden Guy has tips on growing healthy hydrangeas.