Donate Life KY reunion brings local woman to organ donor’s family

Transplant recipients from left to right include: Lindy Edwards of Virginia Beach, VA; Sarah Trumbo of Paris, KY and Kurt Baldocchi of New Albany, IN (Source: Donate Life KY)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – Adam Ricketts of Elizabethtown saved three lives through organ donation after he passed away in 2019.

Because he had decided to become an organ donor, Ricketts’ liver and both kidneys were given to those in need of organ donation. On Friday, Sept. 10, the recpients of those organs met with Rickett’s immediate family for the first time thanks to a reunion hosted by Donate Life KY.

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One of those who expressed their gratitude for Rickett’s donation was Sarah Trumbo of Paris, who waited more than a decade for a kidney transplant due to preexisting hereditary complications. Lindy Edwards of Virginia Beach, VA, received a liver transplant due to past cancer complications as well as hepatitis C. Kurt Baldocchi of New Albany, IN, received the other kidney transplant because of polycystic kidney disease.

“We were so excited and humbled to facilitate this meeting with Adam’s organ recipients and family,” said Gretchen Starnes, Aftercare Manager at Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates. “It’s not often these types of interactions take place, but when they do, we’re always honored to take part and recognize the impact of the donor’s life.”

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