Department of Public Safety holds job fair to encourage applications


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington’s police union has been complaining about a shortage of officers in the department saying that’s leading to an increase in crime and slower response times to calls for help. In an effort to hire more officers, firefighters and for other departments, the Department of Public Safety held a public safety job fair Wednesday afternoon at the Police Training Academy on Newtown Pike.

From a wave of retirements to trouble recruiting, public safety departments like Lexington’s are having to get creative with the way it brings in applicants. Lexington police, fire and emergency management were a few of the departments there people could meet with to talk about available positions.

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“You’re not able to have this type of experience everyday so it’s really good to be out here and to see what they have to offer,” says Arion Wright, a job applicant.

“We’re in the social media age so we’re increasing our presence on social media, it’s something we’re gonna try,” says Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers. “We’re still gonna do the old fashioned way and going out and meeting people where it’s allowed to but we have a concept of total agency recruiting, too.”

Lexington police says the total agency recruiting encourages all officers, not just recruiters, to actively look for good applicants.

For a list of open public safety positions and benefits information for the city of Lexington, go to