CASA of Lexington names July’s Volunteers of the Month

Mary Geyer (left) and Morgan Richardson (right) (Source: CASA of Lexington)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Press Release) – Seven years ago, Mary Geyer saw CASA of Lexington written up in the Lexington Herald Leader. Today, she’s just as excited about the mission of CASA as she was when she first learned about the organization.

“It’s hard work, but it’s worth it,” Geyer said.

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Geyer is one of CASA of Lexington’s Volunteers of the Month for July.

“It isn’t easy knowing sometimes kids can’t keep living with their parents, but it matters that we find a way to work for what’s best for each child — to get them into a stable place where they can thrive,” she said.

Geyer plans to continue working hard to see those resolutions. “It’s the progress that keeps me going. Seeing children get into better situations is what it’s all about.”

Cara MacLeod, Geyer’s volunteer manager, says, “Mary is an absolute delight to work with. She has a great amount of patience and is dedicated to her case. She has a collaborative relationship with service providers and works with compassion toward the family.”

To anyone considering becoming a CASA volunteer, Geyer says, “You can make such a difference in the child’s life. It’s all about getting a child out of a bad situation and into a healthy environment.”

Mary’s patience, compassion, and dedication are the reason she has been named one of CASA of Lexington’s Volunteers of the Month.

Morgan Richardson was also named one of the Volunteers of the Month

Richardson has been a CASA for a year and a half and has cases in both Fayette and Scott counties.

Richardson found herself drawn to CASA after hearing the statistic that Kentucky had the highest child abuse rates in the country.

More than one out of every 50 children in Kentucky is abused or neglected, according to the most recent federal Child Maltreatment Report. Kentucky’s rate of abuse and neglect is more than double the national average, and the state has had the highest rate for three years in a row.

“I wanted to get involved with helping vulnerable populations. I was shocked to learn Kentucky had the highest rates of child abuse in the country.” She said, “I felt compelled to work with CASA because of my master’s work in social work.”

Richardson was assigned her first case in February of 2020. As a result, she was not able to meet in person with anyone. She said it was challenging to work a case without being able to meet anyone face-to-face. Richardson is looking forward to continuing her case work without having to communicate only virtually.

“I am hopeful. I want to see what more I can do for these children,” she said.

Richardson encourages others to get involved with CASA. “If you enjoy working with children and you’re looking to be involved and help a vulnerable population you should be a CASA volunteer. Help stop the cycle of abuse.”