Mystical Market enchants and entertains customers


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) Healers, mediums, psychics and mystics from around Kentucky come to town every month, to read you your future and fortune. Tarot card readings, henna, behavioral readings for animals and live wolf selfies are just some of the attractions. Each month the psychic fair known as Mystical Market host vendors from all over central Kentucky.

While many of these vendors are local, there’s a handful that come from out of state just to offer a helping hand and henna to customers. Nicole Griffith with Mystical Market says whether you believe in tarot readings or not, it can be a fun experience and even bring peace of mind.

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“You know sometimes its just fun to see what the cards might say or if we have a palm reader it could be just for fun or it can be therapeutic and get some answers,” says Griffith.

Every month Mystical Market hosts free gallery readings by local mystics on Saturdays. To find about out more visit the link here.