Traveling Vietnam Memorial in Laurel County brings healing


LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A replica of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Washington D.C. is now in Laurel County.

The traveling wall comes every year so loved ones can come together to pay their respects in their hometown.

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“It starts helping them heal,” Vietnam-era veteran James Truett said.

He knows this first-hand because the memorial helped heal him.

“I’ve got a cousin on the wall down here and I remember when the word come down that he was killed over there,” Truett said. “He was one of my heroes.”

The memorial has come to the Wildcat Harley-Davidson in London for the past few years.

It honors fallen Vietnam, Desert Shield and Desert Storm soldiers.

Truett said he used to avoid the memorial, but not anymore.

“It took me several years before I could even go down and look up his name, but I try to now every time I can,” Truett said about his cousin.

Vietnam veteran Chris Miller said he saw the memorial in Washington D.C.

“The first time I saw it, I cried,” Miller said. “It’s a moving experience, but to have it come out here and be able to take part of this – I don’t think it gets any better.”

Miller said he knows two people on the wall. One went to school with him, and another was a neighbor.

“They’ve never found either of those two gentlemen that went down on a helicopter,” Miller said.

Though heartbreaking, Miller, like Truett, said seeing their names gives him a sense of peace, and they hope other feel the same.

“I say when you can, you need to go to it and you’ll start feeling better,” Truett said.

The wall will be in London until June 15 around 3 p.m. You call call 606-862-5656 if you have any questions.