Business owners look back on a year of uncertainty during Small Business month


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The month of June celebrates small businesses, which is especially important this year given what the pandemic did to many of them.

Sister-in-laws and business partners Anne and Kelli Helmers own and operate Blue Moon Estate Sales in Lexington.

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The two owners stage and set up a retail shop in the homes of people looking to get rid of their antiques to eventually downsize.

The Helmers have been in business just over two years and had to survive during the height of the pandemic.

“It hit us we really had to change the ways we shut down for 6 weeks two months,” says Kelli Helmers.

When open, the Helmers limited the number of customers in the staged homes.
At the time, the owners say that business was good because people who had been staying home wanted a little retail therapy.

“When we started holding sales again people we really ready to get out of their houses it was kind of a festival atmosphere,” says Kelli Helmer.

“The customers were great they never gave any fuss about it they were just happy to shop,” adds Anne Helmer.

The two owners say they were happy to help, especially during a time in history where a pandemic altered the home life of many.

Typically the Helmers say their customers are often people who are looking for a smaller space to manage.

For example, retirement, or a change in environment.

Kelli Helmers says there’s a common misconception with estate sales where people believe going to one means someone has passed, but that’s not always the case.

“Its maybe about 25 percent of our sales that someone has passed away but they are downsizing for whatever reason. A lot of people are selling their houses maybe moving to Florida going on to a different environment and they want to sell everything they don’t need,” Says Kelli Helmers.

The owners say part of their job is to help owners let go and also help find a new home for those things during their sales.

“People can use the furniture a second time and when the market it such that its hard to get new furniture quickly its wonderful to go in and find a great sofa or leather recliner,” says Anne Helmer.

Through the pandemic, the Helmers learned to make the best out of a bad situation, by sticking together as family and treating their customers like one as well.