UPDATE: Woodland Pool is losing its pirate ship…for now


UPDATE: LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – For nearly 25 years, Thee USS Woodland has occupied one of the pools at the Woodland Aquatic Center, where kids can climb aboard and explore.

“Obviously the pirate ship is iconic in Lexington aquatics” said Deputy Director for Parks and Recreation, Michael Johnson.

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But like the saying goes….all good things must come to an end.

According to Johnson, extensive corrosion and damage was found in many parts of the ship during a spring routine inspection, and for the safety of pool goers…it must be removed.

“It’s sad anytime you lose something that’s this big a part of pool season, but were hoping we’ll be able to find something to pique a new generations interest and be more exciting.”

Crews began the main removal process Monday evening…but the removal of the whole ship is expected to happen on Tuesday.

Johnson says it’s a part of history that the community will miss.

“They understand 25=30 years is a long time for a pirate ship in a pool, but it’s the USS Woodland and we’re all so sad to see it go.”

He says they are working to replace it, but with the Aquatic Center reopening May 29th…its spot will stay empty at least until summer of 2022.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (ORIGINAL STORY) (WTVQ) – Arrr, me hearties, sadly it’s time to abandon ship.

The pirate ship, the USS Woodland, that has sailed the (not so) briny deep, and delighted children at the Woodland Aquatics Center pool for 24 years, is no longer seaworthy.

“We understand the Woodland pool pirate ship is an historic and beloved water feature, generations of families have enjoyed this iconic feature.  However, the safety of our aquatics operations is our number one priority,” said Monica Conrad, Director of Parks and Recreation. “We have to decommission the ship.” A routine inspection of the ship this spring indicated extensive corrosion to several structural components.

The crow’s nest was removed Monday morning, and the main demolition will occur Monday evening.

Conrad said the City is working with suppliers to replace the ship, however, with Woodland Aquatics Center set to open May 29, it will likely take until the summer of 2022 to replace it.