UPDATE: Officers shoot, kill man after string of attempting gunpoint carjackings


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – A man suspected of trying to steal cars at gunpoint is dead after Georgetown police officers shot him Friday morning, according to Kentucky State Police.

Georgetown officers say the DeShund Tanner had a gun and was pointing it at them when the shooting happened.

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WTVQ talked to a man who says he saw it all unfold.

It takes about six seconds from the time officers start firing shots to the time they finish. It was all caught on video from Louis Browning.

“I was turning on Connector Road,” Browning said. “I heard the sirens, but I didn’t see nothing.”

But Browning says he eventually saw everything as he was starting his cab service for the day.

Georgetown police say around 7 a.m., officers got a call about man trying to steal cars from people, chasing them at gun point at a Marathon gas station on Connector Road.

Officers say they saw Tanner in a truck leaving the gas station and driving down Connector, eventually stopping in the McDonald’s lot and running from police.

Officers say they saw he had a gun and witnessed him trying to hijack a car in the drive thru, but it didn’t work and police say the man moved on to another car with two people inside.

Browning says he even heard the man making threats.

“He said get out now or you’re not going to like this,” Browning recalled.

That’s when police say they intervened, and the suspect turned his gun from the carjacking victims to the officers.

Browning says he heard officers tell the man to show his hands, and after that says they fired what sounded like 20 shots.

Browning says once he was safe, he recorded the video. He says it’s the second round of shots officers fired.

KSP is now investigating – as the agency does with all officer involved shootings in the state.

Troopers say the carjacking suspect died at UK Hospital, something browning expected.

“There’s no way that dude can be alive,” Browning said in his video. “He took so many shots. It’s an eerie feeling being that close when bullets are flying because you never know where they’re gonna go when they ricochet.”

According to state police, no one else was hurt during all this.


GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky State Police are investigating an officer involved shooting at the McDonald’s on Connector Road in Georgetown.

According to police, they received several calls Friday morning about a suspicious black truck.

Just before 8 a.m. Georgetown police confronted the suspect while in the truck.

That’s when police say the suspect tried to get away by attempting to hijack a couple of vehicles.

According to detectives, the officer shot the suspect.

Police said the suspect did have a gun but they do not know if the suspect pointed or fired the gun.

Police said the suspect was taken to UK Hospital.

The suspects condition is unknown.