Teacher of the Week: Ronika Roosa, Nancy Elementary

Roosa teaches first grade at Nancy Elementary School


Anderson County, Ky. (WTVQ)– Ronika Roosa has been teaching for 14 years.
“I started out in special ed. I got a dual degree. I taught 10 years in special ed, and then to first.” said Roosa
Currently, she’s a first grade teacher at Nancy Elementary school in Anderson County. She says it’s something she’s always wanted to do.
“When I was younger, I always loved playing teacher. So I got to grow up and be what I wanted to be.” said Roosa.
She says she loves first grade because her students know what she needs in just the right moment.
“I could be having a bad day and they will say something to make me laugh, and they are always happy and it doesn’t take much to make them happy.” said Roosa.
She believes she has a big responsibility preparing kids for the future.
“And that’s why I try to make the learning fun for them. So they do like school and they do feel confident going to second grade because each grade gets a little harder and if we can set that foundation for them, I think they do so much better.” said Roosa.

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