Somerset nurse practitioner provides house calls


SOMERSET, Ky. (WTVQ) – While the pandemic has taken many things away, it has also brought some things back, such as medical professionals house calls.

A few months into starting up Lakeside Primary Care to help the under served, Alisha Cooley noticed there was a need for some people to be seen without stepping foot outside their homes.

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After the start of the Covid outbreak, the nurse practitioner says that need became a high demand.

“A lot of our patients that are immunocompromised and have cancer or that are home bound who have strokes or heart attacks. We try to see them at home instead of coming in so they’re not at-risk for the virus,” says Cooley.

Monday through Friday she’ll seen anywhere from 12 to 20 patients a day and typically visits multiple southern Kentucky counties.

“Sometimes I’ll leave home at 6:30 in the morning and sometimes I’ll get home at 9 o’clock at night,” explains Cooley.

Medical house calls date back to the early days of professional medicine.

A house call would be made to patients ailing for anything from a minute sickness to a plague.

According to an article by Forbes, house calls used to make up 40% of US doctor visits before the practice declined in the 1960s.

These days Cooley is bringing back the trend with all the bells and whistles of a clinic in her backseat, Including equipment to gather labs on the go.

“I draw the labs there in their home and then I have a lab machine it’s called a centrifuge that’s in my car and then once I get in the car I put the labs in the machine and it spins all the blood down for me until I can transfer it back to the lab at our office,” says Cooley.

Cooley says the families of her families are thankful for taking her medial services on the road and in turn she says she’s happy to help

“I feel like this has been my calling to help people and I enjoy helping others,” says Cooley.

Alisha Cooley says she plans to continue doing her mobile visits for those who need care delivered to their door.