Lewis County man charged with drug trafficking

Lewis County Sheriff Johnny Bivens, right, and Vanceburg Police Chief Joe Billman take a Vanceburg man into custody after executing a search warrant at a Vanceburg residence Friday afternoon.

VANCEBURG, Ky. (WTVQ/Lewis County Herald) – A Vanceburg man who already was out of

David Boggs

jail on bond on a previous drug arrest has been busted again for trafficking after a search warrant was executed Friday afternoon at his residence, according to the Lewis County Herald and Sheriff Johnny Bivens.

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Bivens said 54-year-old David Vincent Boggs, of Front Street in Vanceburg, was charged with two counts of first-degree heroin trafficking with additional charges pending.

“My office has been investigating alleged drug activity at the Boggs residence for several months,” Bivens said, according to the Herald.  

“As part of our ongoing investigation, we were able to make two controlled buys at this residence,” he stated. “Both controlled buys are believed to involve heroin.”  

“Mr. Boggs was out on bond on a pending charge of heroin possession at the time of this arrest,” Bivens stated.  

Bivens and deputies with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office along with Vanceburg Police Chief Joe Billman and officers with the Vanceburg Police Department, executed the search warrant and seized items found in the house, according to the Herald.

“We will locate and identify high-level drug dealers who bring these types of poisonous drugs into our communities where they distribute them to addicts for monetary gain,” Bivens told the newspaper. 

“We have more of these types of dealers to arrest and our citizens will be seeing more of these types of arrests in the very near future,” he said.  

“This isn’t Boggs’ first time being charged with drug offenses,” Bivens continued, according to the newspaper. “Boggs hasn’t received as much time (in jail) for his offenses as the town drunks have for theirs. We will definitely be monitoring this case as he needs to be held accountable for his actions.

“My office is absolutely not interested in negotiating a plea-deal for someone such as Boggs, who continuously distributes this poison throughout Lewis County,” he added, according to the Herald.