Hardware stores work to keep supplies stocked ahead of ice storm


PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ) – Stores were busy Tuesday as people stocked up on supplies in case of power outages and impossible travel. Some businesses, like hardware stores, are scrambling to find supplies.

“Snow is one thing, ice is a totally different ball game,” said Matt Eads who owns Eads Hardware located in Paris.

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Eads said they have been busy selling all kinds of supplies needed for winter weather.

“We’re selling sleds, ice scrapers, ice melters, shovels, heaters,” he said.

He said a lot of salt sold was leftover from last year, but now supplies are dwindling.

“The only thing that you run up against sometimes is just a shortage in the warehouses and we’re starting to see that a little bit because we’re at the end of the season,” Eads explained.

This is is creating problems for people trying to find salt for the ice storm.

“There’s a lot of suppliers here in town that are out of the salt, so I thought I better get supplied up,” said Kenny Dungan, a customer at Eads.

Dugan manages a thoroughbred farm and said Eads was his third stop to find the salt he needed. He explained the potential ice is a big concern.

“We have a lot of employees that drive the trucks and the horses get out of the barn and we want to have them safe,” said Dungan.

The slick conditions are not the only threat the ice storm brings.

“Anytime that we have the possibility for ice, people worry about losing their power,” said Eads.

Eads said any source of heat that doesn’t require electricity has been popular this week.

“We just sold our last generator,” he said. “We’re hoping to get some more in.”

Eads stressed it’s important to be prepared before the storm hits, to avoid the last-minute scramble.

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