MLK Documentary: “Fire and Heart: A Blueprint for Liberation”


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Almost 60 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s death, many feel the pace of progress has been and continues to be too slow.

Social justice is a journey, a committee is documenting it by partnering with Kentucky filmmaker Joan Brannon

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“Things have not changed,” Jones said.

The documentary “Fire and Heart: A Blueprint for Liberation,” has been a work in progress through the pandemic.

Co-chair of the MLK Holiday Planning Committee Letonia Jones said it’s a learning opportunity for everyone.

“Those same things that Dr. King was marching and the reason why he was in the streets and the legislation that came as a result still has not led to the level of equality and justice in this nation.”

Jones said the documentary covers Breonna Taylor.

She said Breonna’s Law, ending no-knock search warrants,  has made its way to the state capitol. A change that will make a difference, but she says it’s still not enough.

“We still have a lot of work to do. If we are truly going to be united as a country, and as a people beyond the color of our skin, beyond our differences,” Jones said.

She said it’s important to tell the stories of the activists on the streets, to hear their voices.

And filmmaker Joan Brannon did just that. She was born in Lexington and now lives in Louisville.

She created this film to help everyone do better.

“I think that most of us are really good, loving people who care about our neighbors and I wanted to be able to speak to that and that’s one reason I wanted to make the film,” Brannon said. “This is something that we can all get behind and speak to this. We care about human life.”

Brannon said it’s time for a change and it’s time to turn the tide.

“I hope people will just be able to view this film with an open heart and an open mind and if they do, they will pull something positive and loving from it and they will pull a way to become involved from it,” Brannon said.

To watch the documentary, head to the Lexington MLK Holiday youtube channel.