KSP officer begins chemo treatment


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Dozens of Kentucky first responders parked along the street of a home in Richmond, lighting the neighborhood up red and blue, but not because they were responding to an emergency.

They stood near KSP officer Aaron Stidham’s home Tuesday, January 12th, to show their support as he left for the hospital.

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“Just so overwhelmed with all the love, care, and support,” Lisa Cornelison said.

The day before Thanksgiving, Aaron Stidham was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

Tuesday, he went through his first chemo treatment. As he and his wife Tracy drove down their street, officers shook his hand and wished him luck with his battle.

Aaron’s mother-in-law was also there to show support for her family, “The shock of the news, we just couldn’t believe it and we’re just trying to be there for him every single day.” Cornelison said, “He’s already lost at least 88 pounds and we just want him to hurry up and get well.”

Stidham’s chemo treatment lasts seven hours and will continue for the next six months. In April, he’ll start radiation.

In addition to his fellow officers supporting him Tuesday morning, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 47 is selling $20 t-shirts to help pay for his medical bills.

“To support officer Stidham and his wife. She’s self-employed but right now she can’t even work because she’s having to stay home with him, going through the chemo treatments and everything,” Tucker said.

Stidham served as an officer for 23 years. FOP Lodge 47 President Bryan tucker says it’s touching to be able to help a brother.

“To hear how these shirts are helping them and the support that they have from us,  there’s no way to describe it. It’s bringing relief to them and that’s what we wanted to do,” Tucker said.

The family says it’s the start of a long journey for them but thanks to support from friends and family, they will remain Stidham Strong.

To order a t-shirt, head to the Madison County FOP #47 Facebook page.

To follow along with Aaron Stidham’s journey, head to the Stidham Strong Facebook page.