GoFundMe account helps Lexington Police officer, family

The Holland Family/GOFUNDME

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Friends, co-workers and total strangers are rallying around a Lexington Police detective and his family as they battle not only a child’s rare illness but also a crisis with their home.

Police Det. Anthony Delimpo started a GoFundMe account for Det. Joe Holland, his wife Megan and their two sons to try to make their life a little better this Christmas after more than a year of struggles.

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Below is the GoFundMe account notice written by Delimpo:

“Detective Joe Holland has worked for the Lexington Police Department for nearly 16 years.  Joe is also a disabled veteran of the United States Army and served our country from 2000 to 2008.  He is married and has two young boys.  Life has been very, very difficult for his family the past year and a half.

“First, his youngest son, Kaiser, was diagnosed with a very rare seizure disorder that has no cure. It is degenerative which means his condition continues to worsen.  They make frequent trips to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and are overwhelmed with stress and a financial burden.  Recently Kaiser was put on a feeding tube because he is not able to eat.  Joe’s wife Megan feeds Kaiser through the tube four times a day.

“If that isn’t enough, they had water consistently pour into their home during rainstorms last summer.  After multiple repairs and attempts to file insurance claims, mold developed in the home.  Their insurance claims were ultimately denied and they have had to move out of their home.  They had to purchase an RV and have parked it in their driveway.  The walls in the home have been gutted and it is completely unlivable.  They were forced to file a lawsuit against the insurance company but that is still dragging through the legal process and there is no real end in sight.

Joe’s wife, Megan, is a registered nurse but had to take a leave of absence to be at home to take care of Kaiser. To say they are struggling is a massive understatement.  Joe is humble and does not ask for help.  The debt is mounting for them and at this point it is beyond overwhelming.

“They need help buying Christmas gifts for the boys, groceries, diapers for Kaiser, among bills that continue to pile up. They have nowhere else to turn and they need our help now. Let’s rally around this sweet family and public servant and give them something to smile about this Christmas,” Delimpo concluded.