Memorial set up for late FCPS superintendent, Manny Caulk


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A memorial honoring the life and legacy of the late Fayette County superintendent, Manny Caulk, was put up hours after the news of his sudden death.

“Rest in peace,” “We will miss you,” See you on the other side,”  and “Thank you for your dedication,” were just a few of the messages chalked onto Fayette County Public Schools’ building.

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The district even changed its marquee to leave a message of its own, “Farewell partner…”

Caulk’s death came only days after the Board of Education announced Monday he would take a leave of absence for medical reasons until at least January 31, 2021.

The board didn’t say why Caulk was taking the leave.

Shortly after taking office in 2014, Caulk was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and underwent surgery.

The news of his death shocked many on social media and caused an immediate out pour of support.

Lexington’s mayor, Linda Gorton, Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman and Congressman Andy Barr are a few of the state’s leaders who gave their condolences.

Lexington activist and hip hop artist, Devine Carama, also spoke out about Caulk’s passing, saying caulk was like a big brother to him.

“Coming from working with young people in the street, I wanted to break into the classroom and work with our students in the city and was always unable to break through until he got here, and as soon as he got here, he took me under his wing,” Carama says.

WTVQ reached out to the school board as well, but out of respect for the family, members of the board aren’t speaking about his death at this time.

The Fayette County School Board has compiled information to help families support children and youth through the grieving process. There is also a collection of emotional support and self-care resources for FCPS students, parents, and school staff at this site.

Additionally, counselors, FRYSC coordinators, mental health specialists, psychologists, and social workers will continue to be available to provide students with any support they may need. You may submit a request for help from your school’s team at