Christmas tree sales going well


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Nationally Christmas tree sales are going very well so far this holiday season, and the Lexington business owner at Barker S Christmas Tree Farm agrees.

For Barker S the biggest time for the farm is the weekend after Thanksgiving.

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Owner Dale Barker says people are wanting their trees earlier and earlier but they try to get people to wait until after Thanksgiving so that the trees still have needles on them by Christmas.

When the farm started off in 2002 they would see a little over 300 during the holiday season but now, they sell up to 300 a day.

In the past, the farm would see 150 people there at a time but this year they cut down the reservations to 40 people an hour.

He says so far that system is working really well. When one wave of people are wrapping up and heading out with their trees… the next start showing up.

This past spring the frost was late and that impacted a lot of tree farms but luckily for Barker, it didn’t impact their Cannan Fir, which is their main type.

Overall the family farm is feeling grateful and is taking reservations to beginning sales again on December 12th.