Event venue adapts to latest COVID restriction on weddings

Courtesy: FB/ The Mane on Main

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Imagine just days before your wedding having to tell your guests they can’t come to the party.

Starting Friday night until at least December 13th that’s really happening for some brides and grooms who have to cut down their guest lists to 25 people to fit new restrictions.

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We found it’s emotionally and financially burdensome for couples, coordinators, and venues.

“It’s been challenging,” says Heather Martin, event coordinator at the Mane on Main in Lexington.

Re-planning a wedding in two weeks is a challenge no one wants to take on.\

With the latest restrictions, the Mane on Main has to cut its weddings down by more than half.

“There’s not a lot of wiggle room,” says Martin.

Martin talks about Wednesday when the news broke – all the calls she got, the words of comfort she had to provide.

“We’re still here. We’re still gonna do it, we’re gonna have to make some changes. If you want to cry tonight be upset like do that feel free to call with any questions but just take it all in tonight and let’s revisit,” says Martin to her clients.

The venue has been able to fit up to 200 guests. Now, that’s been cut to 75 between its three rooms since the new rules say you can only have 25 people per room.

“We’re just kind of having to start all over or just completely change the plan,” says Martin.

Planning the entire past year for a wedding, all that changed within minutes.

“They’re planned, they’re ready to go ya know putting the finishing touches on stuff so it really is, you’re at the end of it,” says Martin. “Most of these we could do tomorrow, it’s ready to go besides the people being here.”

Plane tickets, hotel rooms, all already bought.

“Its not just affecting the couple it’s everybody that was a guest as well,” says Martin.

She’s thankful she didn’t have a wedding planned this weekend.

“If we would’ve had a 200-person wedding this weekend most of the food would’ve been ordered already,” says Martin.

She knows when it’s all over the couples will just be happy they’re married, even if it wasn’t how they pictured, but now’s the time to just let them be upset.

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