ABC 36 Teacher of the Week: Karen Barjuca, Morton Middle School

Barjuca teaches French at Morton Middle School in Lexington.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Talking to middle school students can be like speaking in a foreign language. It can be even harder when you’re actually  teaching them a foreign language.

“Some days it’s like training cute little puppies because they’re all so cute, and then other days it’s like training monkeys in the circus. It just depends on the day, but every day is a good day, one way or the other,” said Karen Barjuca, who teaches French to seventh- and eighth-graders at Morton Middle School in Lexington.

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Barjuca, the ABC 36 Parent-Teacher Store Teacher of the week, has a long love with her profession, which is as much passion as avocation.

“My very best friend, I went to Tates Creek High School. She went to Lexington Catholic. And so she was a grade ahead of me and she took French before I took French. And she says, ‘Karen, you have to take French when you get to high school so we can talk about people and they don’t know what we’re saying’,” recalled Barjuca.

It’s that same passion for the language that she brings to teaching.

“I get them like as blank slates. So anything they learn, it’s like, ‘I taught them this, you know?’ And I’m so proud of that,” Barjuca said excitedly.

For Barjuca the biggest thing isn’t that her kids leave class being fluent in French, but rather they leave with a new found level of confidence.

“My goal with working with kids is to try and instill in them that they are okay the way they are,” said Barjuca

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