Student Athlete of the Week- Ashley Turner


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) Tonight’s honoree is Ashley turner.. A Sophomore at trinity Christian academy.

Ashley is on the archery team for her school and she’s also a member of the junior Olympic archery team in Kentucky.

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Just last season.. She was named the team captain as a freshman.. And get this… she’s currently ranked 23rd in the nation out of 154 archers in her division!

She has her sights set on archery for as long as she can and hopes to keep playing when she eventually heads to college.

One reason she was nominated is because of her passion for archery and also her leadership with archers that were just starting out:

“They haven’t been shooting as long as me so their form isn’t right or something so I try to help them the best I can because it might help hearing these things come from somebody closer to your age than an adult. I just love kids in general so it’s really fun. At my church I also help with the archery team there just because I love to see younger kids grow with archery and see a passion in them too.”