Love helps an elderly couple beat COVID-19


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – While the world waits on a Coronavirus vaccine, a Jessamine County couple found their cure, love. It’s proven to be a pretty good treatment!

It was a day to celebrate for Nicholasville couple Charles and Nellie Anness, who have been together for 71 years.

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The couple is leaving the hospital after beating COVID-19, which they contracted at a church service in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They reunited at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital in Lexington after spending ten long days apart fighting the virus.

“Oh, it was awful,” Nellie said tearfully. “And it was wonderful when we got to be together again.”

The couple married in 1949. She was 17, he was 19.

“I love him just as much as I ever have or maybe more, and I just thank god that we can be together,” she said.

They said their love is what helped them through this trying time.

“Yes, when we moved together, it made it all alright,” said Nellie.

A real-life love story, on display as the couple went through treatment and therapy, which their nurses said was inspiring.

“I think love inspires us to be motivated, to wake up each day, to get out of bed each day, to do something you might not being feeling, you know, ready to do or willing to do, but you know that you need to work hard so that you can continue to be a good partner,” said Speech-Language Pathologist Emily Goggin. “And I think love plays an important part, of course.”

The couple’s daughter picked them up from the hospital and said they are all happy to be going home.

“Oh, I think they’re more than excited, aren’t you,” said Pam Bratton.

Being away from home was hard, especially on Nellie, because of a deep, personal loss.

“Her sister that was a hundred years old passed away while she was in the hospital, and she couldn’t go to the funeral,” said Bratton.

Before leaving, they both tested negative for the virus twice.

“I think we’re going to be very careful, very careful,” said Nellie.