Moore’s cancer diagnosis becomes inspiration for others


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Virginia Moore is someone Kentuckians have been used to seeing for months now.

She’s the director of the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and has been by Governor Andy Beshear’s side interpreting his coronavirus updates since March.

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“We had become a team to try to get the message out about COVID,” says Moore.

Many Kentuckians love Moore. She has her own bobble head, and an ice cream and beer bearing her name.

But now, Kentuckians are re-voicing their love after the surprising announcement she made Thursday.

“I have recently been diagnosed as having uterine cancer, but it is stage one, so I did catch it early,” says Moore.

She says she’s usually very private…but wanted to share her story to inspire others to make their health a priority.

“I was scared to end up in the hospital, or go in to a hospital setting to have a mammogram done, or get my physical, or get the blood work done because I didn’t want to get corona,” says Moore.

She says her doctors say she’s lucky, but she hopes no one else risks their health out of fear.

Kathi Johnson commented right away on the governor’s Facebook post about Moore’s diagnosis with a message of support.

She says she can relate.

“Like Virginia, I’m guilty of putting my health off, and I shouldn’t,” says Johnson.

Johnson has lupus and takes care of her mother who has Alzheimer’s.

Now that Moore also falls into the high-risk category of people with pre-existing conditions, Johnson says the interpreter has another reason to ask people to mask up.

“Like I said in my post to her, I will politely ask someone to wear their mask for Virginia,” says Johnson.

Moore says she would’ve been grateful to just reach one person, but the amount of support just hours after her announcement has been overwhelming.

“It is an amazing feeling, and I know we can do it for each other and anyone else who needs it.”