Wildcat fans have gameday fun despite restrictions: Some COVID-19 complaints


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The first ‘Caturday’ of the year was celebrated in 2020 fashion with the University of Kentucky’s stadium capacity at 20-percent.

For people who normally tailgate outside the stadium, that was banned this fall, but the new restrictions didn’t mean Cats fans hung up their blue and white for the day.

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WTVQ got multiple complaints that some places might have had too many people, per COVID-19 regulations.

A viewer sent in a picture of a packed patio at the Paddock Bar on South Limestone.

Owner Eric Ostrander says his staff is doing all they can to enforce the rules. He says people come up wearing masks and quickly take them off.

Ostrander says game day has been the hardest day so far in trying to make patrons listen, and he says if there were individual fines, instead of only for businesses, more people would follow the rules.

He says he hopes bar goers follow the rules, not just for him, but for other bar owners.

“If you take advantage of this situation and blow it off, then there’s going to be nothing to do but to go the other way with these guidelines.”

Jay Blanton with the University of Kentucky says we “have received reports and have been following up accordingly.”

At University of Kentucky’s baseball stadium, a watch party was held for students and there was a lot of room to space out.

“It’s a little different, but UK’s making it feel like home,” said Ana Feeback.

Tickets were free and open to 500 students.

A group of friends said they made sure to stick to their game day routine.

“We all got ready together before coming here so that was fun,” said Kathryn Krause. [“We] got our hair done and everything – got our pictures, so I’m having fun.”

Even UK freshmen say the changes didn’t put a damper on their day.

“It’s very different, but at least we still get to come out here with all of our peers and stuff,” says Mattie Mills.

“It was a lot of fun,” says Allison Otten and Gracie Henderson. “We have gifts that we got. We got a lot of free stuff. It’s different, but it’s fun.”

On Limestone, Caroline Homer said she was at the Paddock Bar and had a good time while being safe.

“It’s still fun, I mean we can’t really do anything but embrace the time change and figure it out, so we’re doing six feet apart at the bars, everyone’s wearing masks,” said Homer.