ABC 36 Teacher of the Week: Art teacher, Amie Bingham

Amie Bingham has taught art for eighteen years at Franklin Co. High School.


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — Deep down everyone is an artist, or at least they have some art in them, music, painting, theater. The WTVQ ABC 36 Parent-Teacher Store Teacher of the Week knows that.

Amie Bingham has a special touch at bringing it out in every student.

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In an age when art programs are being cut across the country, Kentucky is doing the opposite.

“It’s actually a requirement for graduation. So it kind of lends us to having positions in the schools,” Bingham said of the demand.

The Teacher of the Week Amie Bingham has taught art at Franklin County High School for 18 years.

“I enjoyed the elementary age, but you’re limited on what they can do. In high school, you can really see someone excel on the high school level to a point that amazes me,” she said of the things her students produce.

She didn’t always plan on being an art teacher.

“I took a speech class in high school. I wanted to be an architect and I had to do a speech and I decided to teach how to draw a building. And my teacher went on and on about how I’d be a natural teacher and that’s kind of how it happened,” Bingham explained.

But her passion for art and teaching her students is obvious.

“As an art teacher, you’ve got things like painting murals in the community or in your school and that can add up to hundreds of personal hours, so it’s really nice to finally get a recognition for some of that work,” Bingham said about her nomination.

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