Downtown Lexington park renamed after historical Black figure, Henry A. Tandy


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Organizers leading the re-naming efforts for Cheapside Park, a former slave trading auction, in Lexington are finally able to celebrate, but they say there’s more work to be done.

After months of marching the streets, and years of taking gradual steps to re-imagine Cheapside Park, the Urban County Council officially approved the name change Thursday night.

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‘Take Back Cheapside’ founders DeBraun Thomas and Russell Allen say they’ve been waiting on this moment for years.

“To have Mr. Tandy be honored in a space where he literally laid bricks and put his blood, sweat, and tears in this space, I think it’s a really good thing, says Thomas. “It’s a really good feeling and a long time coming.”

Henry A. Tandy was a well-known Black man who helped lay the foundation for the old courthouse beside the park, which will now be named in his honor.

This moment in history is a milestone for many.

“My grandmother – her father was raised by slaves, so that history being not so far removed from me has always been something that kind of locks that picture in for me,” says Allen.

However, Allen and Thomas say there’s still more to be done. They want a public apology from the city, acceptance and display of Fayette County lynching monuments, and more historical markers about Black people sold at the park.

“Another piece of our work always is going to be, hopefully, to inspire those who feel like things that they want to see happen can happen because this happened,” says Thomas.