Residents can now report Medicaid fraud, elder abuse online


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)Kentuckians can now electronically report abuse, neglect, and exploitation by completing an online complaint form located at

“Providers who fraudulently bill Medicaid for healthcare goods and services steal taxpayers dollars and can endanger the health and welfare of beneficiaries,” said Attorney General Cameron. “We want to ensure our seniors are treated with dignity and respect by making it easier for Kentuckians to report suspected fraud and abuse. This new resource quickly provides us with the information we need to investigate claims and to prosecute those guilty of harming our seniors and Medicaid recipients.”

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The new form allows Kentuckians to submit complaints from electronic devices, including smart phones, computers, and tablets.

The fillable form permits users to select complaints related to Medicaid fraud, patient abuse, or both, and prompts them to provide information related to their selected complaint, including the Medicaid facility, the healthcare provider’s information, the patient’s name, and the suspected abuser’s name.

While Kentuckians are encouraged to report as many details as possible when completing a complaint, the Medicaid fraud and abuse form allows the reporting party to choose to include their name or to remain anonymous.

Completed forms are sent to the Attorney General’s Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control for further review, investigation, and, if appropriate, prosecution.

In addition to the newly developed online form, Kentuckians may also report suspected Medicaid fraud and abuse by calling the Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Hotline at 1-877-ABUSE TIP (1-877-228-7384).

Kentucky law requires any person who knows or has reasonable cause to believe that Medicaid fraud or abuse is being committed to report it to the Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Hotline.

Any person who reports the offenses of another in good faith is given immunity from civil or criminal action. Also, any person who makes a good-faith report is protected from discharge, discrimination, or retaliation in the workplace.

The Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse investigates and prosecutes those guilty of patient abuse and medical provider fraud, including caregivers, medical doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, durable medical equipment sellers, ambulance companies, taxis, or any company who bills the Kentucky Medical Assistance Program for healthcare goods or services provided to Medicaid beneficiaries.

“Even in the midst of COVID-19, we continue to work hard to protect Kentucky’s seniors and Medicaid beneficiaries from fraud and abuse,” said W. Bryan Hubbard, executive director of the Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control. “Tips from concerned Kentuckians regarding suspected fraud and abuse play a critical role in our work, and we encourage anyone who witnesses or suspects patient abuse or Medicaid fraud to immediately report the incident to our office.”

Both state and federal law provide for criminal and civil penalties against individuals who engage in Medicaid fraud and abuse.

​To file a Medicaid fraud and abuse complaint, visit or call the Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Hotline at 1-877-ABUSE TIP (1-877-228-7384).