ABC 36 Teacher of the Week: Shelley Koch

Koch is a fourth grade teacher at Cane Ridge Elementary.


PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ) – Shelley Koch didn’t think she wanted to be a teacher.

“I graduated from UK with an economics degree. Couple of years later just realized how unhappy I was with my life. And realizing that your work is your life. And nothing was making me happy at work,” Koch recalled of that life-changing decision.

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She knew the classroom is where she belonged.

“I’m so happy being back at work, even yesterday. I feel better being back in the building, even the promise of talking to the kids and just this is where I’m meant to be. So it’s nice to find your calling,” she stated.

For the last six years, Shelley has been a third-grade teacher at Cane Ridge Elementary, but this year she’s moving to fourth grade.

“It’s actually perfect timing because, I have some of my kids from last year with me this year. So I feel like I missed out on my time with them last year, a little bit. I’m excited to have a handful of them back with me this year,” Koch explained of the transition, which will give a bit of a silver liing to last spring;’s abrupt end to in-person teaching.

Like most teachers, she doesn’t do it for the applause, but she says, it’s nice to know she’s appreciated.

“Gosh, it makes me feel so good that someone noticed me,” said an emotional Koch

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