Number of new coronavirus cases down slightly in Fayette


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After days of record or near-record numbers of new coronavirus cases, the numbers in Fayette County took a slight break Tuesday.

But it may not be time to celebrate just yet.

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The Lexington Fayette County Health Department reported 37 new cases during its Wednesday morning update and one new death. The number of new cases was one of the lowest this month for a weekday.

It pushed the total number of cases in the county since early March to 2,558. Of those, 1,846 have recovered.

The new death pushed the total number of deaths to 42.

Since the start of July, Lexington has had 1,005 COVID-19 cases and 13 deaths surpassing the total of 793 total new cases in all of June, which had been the previous worst month.

The city’s highest one-day totals to date have been:
• 83 cases, July 9
• 69 cases, July 15 and July 19
• 65 cases, July 10
• 62 cases, July 6

• 61 cases, July 20
• 58 cases, July 13
• 56 cases, July 11

• 48 on July 18

• 46 cases, July 1
• 41 cases, June 26
• 40 cases, June 24
• 39 cases, July 8, June 30 and June 14

The department continues to stress case investigations are showing people who report going to public businesses while infectious. People are also contagious at the start of their illness, including 1-2 days before symptoms begin, meaning it can be spread without any symptoms being shown.

“This is why wearing a mask is important!” the department said. “We also continue to see cases in people returning from vacations to national COVID-19 ‘hot spots’ like Florida and South Carolina.”

The recommendations for slowing spread of COVID-19 remain the same for any reason you are out in the public:
• Wash your hands often
• Avoid close contact with others
• Wear a cloth face covering in public.