ABC 36 Golden Care Provider: Pastor leans on faith to care for wife


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)– Stephen Lyons is the pastor at Unity Worship Center in Lexington.

He and his wife, Miriam, have been married for almost a decade.

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Just a few years into their marriage Miriam received a tough diagnosis. Lyons knew he had to step up.

After talking with him for about 45 minutes, two things are very clear, his strong faith, and his love for his wife.

“To be honest with you I wouldn’t be here where I am today. She believes in me more than I believe in myself,” Lyons said.

For nearly a decade Stephen and Miriam have been inseparable. That’s what made it even more difficult when she started not feeling well.

“One day we were in the living room and she just dropped. And I’ll never forget she said, ‘oh that’s strange’ and I said, ‘you alright? And then about two weeks later it happened again. We took her to the eye doctor and they told her she had optical neuritis. And this was a sign of multiple sclerosis,” Lyons recalled.

Her diagnosis was hard; MS can be a hard and trying disease. Even as the leader of a church, Lyons says he questioned so much.

“I’d like to tell you I was the awesome man in faith, but I was afraid,” he said frankly.

But, his faith in God ultimately gave him the strength he needed.

“In prayer man, I felt God was saying this is about you, but it’s not about you, get it together, she needs you,” Lyons explained.

Once something clicked in him, he knew what he had to do, it was time to take care of the person who has always taken care of him.

“If this was you, it wouldn’t be an issue. I had to go back and say I’m sorry. And how do I help and how do we get through this? There ain’t nobody else but you, you are the head of the house, as Christ is the head of the church, let’s do this thing,” he said.

There is one thing Miriam will not let him do.

“You don’t have to worry, I got your back, I’m gonna start cleaning up around here, I’m gonna start cooking, and my wife said, no baby,” Lyons recalled.

It’s not been easy. And there are still a lot more questions than answers. But Lyons can always count on one answer.

“When it’s hell or high water, though he slay me we’re going to continue to trust him and we’re going to be the people of faith we’ve been knowing god is in control, and when you bury that in your mind and heart that God is in control, it don’t make no mind what it is coming up against you, you know you’re gonna be alright,” he concluded.