Nicholasville groundbreaking for new police station


NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Nicholasville police department hosted their groundbreaking event on Thursday for their new police station.

The NPD has been in their current building for 37 years but they need something bigger.

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The department is in a small building shared by the Nicholasville fire department.

The building is going to be about a seven million dollar project, They are using bonds and there is no tax increase for residents to complete this project.

Nicholasville Chief of police Todd Justice says they currently have employees working off site because not everyone fits in the building so they look forward to getting everyone under one roof.

“We don’t have a training facility. We have to go to many other places to get training for our officers that we could do in our own building and so this will give us an opportunity to have space to get our officers trained in house and save some additional costs from sending officers to other places,” Chief Justice says.

Nicholasville mayor, city commissioners, and police department leaders and other state and local elected officials all attended the event and say they are looking forward to the next steps.

Chief Justice says the building should be finished in about 14 months.