Golden Care: Woman helps Covid19 patients find their voice


Somerset, Ky. (WTVQ)–

There have been many unspoken heroes during the Coronavirus pandemic, but one literally helps people speak.

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“We would Facetime the families and how difficult to be talking and the patient just looking at them. They want to hear the families voice, they want to hear them say I love you, so that’s actually one of the things I did was work on them saying I love you.” Says Sarah.

Sarah Leigh is a speech pathologist. From the start of the pandemic, she jumped at the opportunity to help others.

“I couldn’t just sit there knowing that I didn’t go in because I was afraid.” Says Sarah.

Sarah’s ability to put others before herself started long before she became a speech pathologist. In fact, it was her past life experience that lead her down the path of caring for others.

“My dad was disabled when I was growing up so, that probably started my natural inhate ability to do it.” Says Sarah.

She felt the need at a young age to care for her dad. And that need to care continues through her life.

“I carry that over to the next person. My neighbor, the kid in my kindergarten class. I think it has just been instilled in me, especially when my dad was really sick and passed away I just knew that the care-giving aspect would probably always be apart of me and I remember him every day when I care for someone because I always naturally cared for him.” Says Sarah.

For Sarah the biggest thing is making sure her patients aren’t just a number. They become like family to her.

“I just can’t, when there’s a person there I think, what if that was my dad, my grandfather, my husband?” Says Sarah.

Sarah’s sister nominated her to be our golden care provider. In her nomination, she says Sarah has the biggest heart.