‘Funny money’ showing up in Dry Ridge


DRY RIDGE, Ky. (WYVQ) – Police in the small town of Dry Ridge are warning merchants to be on the look out for bogus $20 bills being passed in the town of 2,300 which straddles I-75 between Georgetown and Cincinnati.

The bills actually are made for mvoies and say that on them but when in a hurry, they look real, police warn.

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“All businesses and anyone conducting transactions, watch the money that is being exchanged to you. The $20 bill in these pictures reads “MOTION PICTURE PURPOSES”. Compared to some of the counterfeits we have seen in the past, the color quality and micro-print quality are closer to a real bill,” the department said in a warning.

“This one was recovered from a local restaurant, but had been accepted and was discovered a couple of days later. This one is not the first of these we have seen,” the department added.

The bills have surfaced periodically in different parts of the county. Law enforcement in other areas have never figured out how the funny money got into circulation or where it originated.