Lexington restaurant sticks to curbside and pick-up


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Although restaurants could re-open Friday, not all of them did.

Habibi’s Sweets & Pastries in Lexington is a small, family-owned restaurant, with a humble beginning.

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“When we moved here as immigrants,” said Co-owner Fouad Froukh. “It was always our dream to open our own pastry store.”

Froukh says it was a nightmare realizing the shop had to close because of the coronavirus.

“It felt like a dream,” said Froukh. “It felt like it was not reality. We didn’t know how we were going to survive.”

But it did, and on Friday the shop celebrated two years in business; the same day restaurants across Kentucky were able to re-open at 33-percent capacity.

Froukh says customers can now walk in, but won’t be allowed to sit down until at least after Memorial Day.

“We’re probably going down to three or two tables for right now and see how things go,” said Froukh.

He says Habibi’s mostly caters events, and of course that hasn’t been able to happen for months. But the shop has gotten support from non-profits that buy food to donate to front line workers.

“We’re sending out 10 boxes, 15 boxes a day, so it was definitely mind-blowing to see that much support from the community,” said Froukh.

He says Habibi’s will continue donating pastries after the pandemic because he says it’s important to always remember those who lent a hand when it was needed most.

“Do things for the community, so the community helps you as well,” said Froukh.