Divorce cases could rise amid pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic is causing divorce lawyers to take more calls.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)– Love is patient, love is kind, you probably know the rest, of course that doesn’t necessarily account for a world pandemic.

Alex Ferrara is a divorce lawyer with the Bluegrass Law Group, he says initially they didn’t notice an uptick in potential divorce cases, but in the last couple weeks that’s changed.

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“People are with each other 24/7, unless a spouse is essential, and tension builds until it can’t any longer. Recently there has been a huge uptick about to where things were prior to the pandemic. People calling with divorce issues, custody issues,” said Ferrara.

He says as quarantining and social distancing continue, there could be more cases to arise.

Ferrara acknowledges that stresses of the uncertainty many are facing can sometimes make issues seem bigger than they may be. That’s why he always advises to really think before acting.

“Take a step back, look at your complete situation, where you’re going and then we’ll have that conversation,” said Ferrara.