Lexington church holds off on in-person services


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Although churches were able legally hold in-person services Sunday, one Lexington pastor decided against it.

Mario J. Radford, pastor of Growth Point Church, says it won’t open until at least mid-June.

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“We’re not just rushing to come together just to sing songs, or to be able to look at each other because we’re tired of being in our homes,” Radford says.

He says he wants to be completely ready and armed with masks and other personal protective equipment for members.

“We want to think about what it looks like to be able to create an environment that people can come in and out and not worry about their safety and not worry if they’re going to get something they wouldn’t have gotten somewhere else,” says Radford.

He says Growth Point Church knows the impact the coronavirus can have. Radford says two members were infected. Fortunately, one recovered, but sadly, 74-year-old Joyce Smith died. He says that was a loss that cut deep.

“Those are things that we don’t take lightly, and we don’t want to grow in numbers with something like that – with someone being a carrier and not know that they are,” Radford says.

Though he decided to stay closed, he doesn’t fault pastors who re-opened.

“None of us have led through this before,” Radford says.

This is all uncharted territory, and he says faith leaders everywhere are trying to figure out how to navigate it.

“I think that we should rally around our leaders, whether we support a decision or not,” Radford says.

He says churches should continue posting online content for those who choose not to attend in-person services, and not make members feel bad for doing so.