Madison Southern HS student speaks out about reported racism


BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ) – A sophomore who attends Madison Southern High School in Berea continues to speak out about reported racism at the school.

The Lexington-Herald Leader reported Thursday Berea Police charged two adults and two juveniles for racial slurs toward the student.

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The incident went viral after the reported harassed student, Macie Hill, went public on Facebook with the incident.

“You have to speak up,” Hill says. “We can’t stay silent forever.”

She says she was invited to a Snapchat group, where other students called her the N-word and criticized her for speaking out.

“We need to change how we’re dealing with these types of situations because if it’s continuous, obviously it’s not being dealt with properly,” Hill says.

Hill plays soft ball, runs track, wrestles and is in musical theater. She’s a very involved student, and is vocal about racism.

“You never know how people are going to respond, and that’s scary sometimes,” Hill says.

However, that didn’t stop her from going public. In the past, when classrooms were still open, Hill says she went to a teacher seeking help about another racially-charged incident.

“He said that he would deal with it, but he said he was sure that the student wasn’t racist,” Hill says.

After that, she says she went to the principal, but she says she wasn’t told how the situation was handled. Hill says the public outcry from the most recent incident makes it hard for the school to ignore it.

“There’s a lot more eyes on them than would be it if this was just in the school, so I think that forces their hand a little bit to do more,” Hill says.

Madison Southern High School’s principle released a statement condemning the racial slurs and behavior, but Hill says she wants more than words.

“I want all books that say the N-word…I don’t want them in the room,” Hill says. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had sit while my classmates and teachers say the N-word with me being the only Black student in the room.”

Hill says she also wants more Black teachers in the school.

Overall, Hill says she’s received a lot of support from the online community.

“No one is alone in these types of situations, this is happening all across America,” Hill says.