St. Jude supports family after girl survives brain cancer


LEXINGTON, KY. (WTVQ) – Ashtyn Johnson and her family never could have expected what was about to happen in early April of 2018. It started with Ashtyn getting headaches and vomiting and turned into something that would change their family’s lives forever.

When this all started, Kiara Richardson, Ashtyns mom, took her to get her eyes checked in case she was displaying signs of bad eyesight, that’s when they found the swelling. She immediately went to the ER.

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Doctors found a mass on her brain, took her into surgery, and that’s when she was introduced to st. Jude.

Kiara says, “Our first day was so overwhelming but we had someone there to support us, taking us to every single appointment. The doctors had think things through from what treatment could possibly to do her in the longterm effects of it and how we’re going to prevent it. They had a plan for everything. Things we never even thought about, they had a plan for.”

Ashtyn had medulloblastoma, a rare brain cancer. She was diagnosed in April 2018 and went into remission in December, just two weeks before Christmas.

Kiara says St. Jude took care of everything. While they were there, Ashtyn got to enroll in kindergarten, she had a teacher there to help throughout their stay, and she even got to play with some of her fellow students.

Kiara says St. Jude set them up in an apartment called target house, where all patients stay, she says they didn’t have to pay out of pocket for anything and now have a forever bond with the staff.

Kiara says they highly encourage people to purchase St. Jude dream home tickets, not only can you win a beautiful home but you can save a life.