Pool closures affects Lexington woman’s physical therapy


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – During his daily coronavirus update Thursday, Governor Beshear addressed a petition signed by more than 10,000 people. It calls on Beshear to re-open all public pools by Memorial Day Weekend.

Beshear says the water isn’t a problem, but says it’s nearly impossible to make sure social distancing guidelines are followed.

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Lexington has announced its public pools won’t open at all this summer.

Mary Bader lives in Lexington, and uses public pools for physical therapy. She says she had been using therapy for her back pain since November, but had to stop when the coronavirus hit.

Bader says it’s been terrible for her mobility.

“I can’t cook,” Bader says. “I can’t stand very long and I can’t sit very long.”

There are three rounds of shots Bader says she has to take in combination with her pool therapy.

Before the pandemic, Bader says she and a trainer went to a pool in Winchester once a week. She says she understands the governor’s concern.

“I can see where he thinks it will be crowded and able to spread it more,” Bader says.

However, she says it’s a difficult position to be in because if she can successfully finish the therapy, she may not need back surgery.

Shelly Adams created the petition calling on Beshear to re-open pools by Memorial Day. She says the CDC has no evidence of the virus spreading through pools, and says it’s safer than shopping at grocery stores.

The CDC’s website says swimming is safe as long as social distancing is practiced. That’s something Bader says she hopes can be done so she can avoid surgery.