Louisiana ‘transplant’ a beautiful green in Kentucky

The Goodman’s green tree lights up their front porch.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Like most people, the coronavirus has an area couple pinned down at home.

But they wanted to pay tribute to those who have been lost to the illness. They found a unique way that is even more special because it came from the heart.

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“My wife and I have been enjoying Governor Beshear’s daily talks. We
display green lights each night as he suggests, however, we do it a bit
differently,” explained Herb and Beverly Goodman in a message to WTVQ.

“We didn’t have a green light bulb and did not want to venture into a market to purchase one.  What we did have was our holiday
tree from when we lived in Louisiana,” he continued, adding we are “very proud to be Kentuckians, but we are transplants!”

They attached two pictures of their tree.

“You can see we  are displaying our green palm tree to honor those that have passed. It has given many of our neighbors a smile and perhaps these will give you a smile during these rough times,” they added.

Herb Goodman is a professor of fine art at Eastern Kentucky University.