Waivers remove roadblocks to graduation this year


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Two potential roadblocks to high school graduation for seniors in the class of 2020 have been removed after Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman waived the requirements.

Coleman, who also serves as secretary of the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, suspended the requirement that seniors in 2020 pass a 100-question civics test and also eliminated certain requirements for completing an early high school graduation program.

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The suspension of school because of the coronavirus outbreak prompted the decisions.

Most students who are scheduled to receive diplomas this year already has passed the test, but a few had not by the time Gov. Andy Beshear closed schools March 16. The test can be taken online, but the state Department of Education noted not all students have access to computers at home, libraries are closed and travel is being discouraged.

The other waiver excludes high school juniors who declared their intent to participate in the early high school graduation program prior to Jan. 1 from end-of-course examinations.

Those exams are provided by the Department of Education to school districts and are paper-based tests administered in schools. That’s not practical during the current circumstances.

Juniors who obtain a qualifying score on the ACT and who meet all other requirements set forth by state law will remain eligible for early graduation.

The requirement does remain in effect for high school freshmen and sophomores.