Crank and Boom introduces “Virginia S’moore” to raise money for restaurant workers


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Crank and Boom has released the “Virginia S’moore” ice cream named after the sign language interpreter, Virginia Moore, who appears with Gov. Andy Beshear during his daily briefings.

The special batch will go to a good cause with $2 from the sale of each pint to benefit Lexington’s Restaurant Worker’s Relief Program.

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The Lee Initiative is currently operating out of the Great Bagel’s Boston Road location which has been turned into Lexington’s local relief center for out-of-work restaurant workers.

The initiative already has served more than 2,600 meals for fellow industry workers, many of whom are in need due to furloughs and layoffs in the restaurant industry.

The ‘Virginia’ ice cream follows an ‘Andy’ flavor in tribute to Gov. Andy Beshear.