Creativity during coronavirus outbreak: Small tumbler makes big impact


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Those who have been watching Governor Beshear’s daily updates in the past few weeks, may have noticed he’s went from using water bottles to cups and now a customized tumbler.

It may seem small, but to one business owner it meant a lot.

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Dwayne Villanova and his wife run a small eight-month-old business, Smova Creations. He watched the daily updates, and says he didn’t like seeing the governor using a stainless steel cup. He sent the custom cup on Wednesday and says he was surprised to see the governor using it two days later.

Villanova says he was just hoping to help and encourages others to take chances.

“It wasn’t requested and I wanted to send something because I know he’s been doing a lot of good work for us,” Villanova says. “Don’t limit yourself. Just go for it. Just because somebody doesn’t like it, you may meet someone else who does like it, so keep your head up and keep trying.”

However, Kentuckians did like Villanova’s creativity. Smova Creations got some many order requests that it’s not taking anymore right now.

People can still visit its Facebook page and Villanova will let customers know when new orders are being taken.