Optometry office still trying to help, despite not being on Beshear’s “life-sustaining” list


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – For many, eye care is essential. But starting Thursday at 8 p.m., optometry offices will be some of the many businesses shutting down – not deemed “life sustaining” in Governor Andy Beshear’s new coronavirus executive order.

Simpson Optical in Lexington has already made changes. It’ll still do emergency eye care, such as fixing chemical splashes in the eye or vision that goes black, but it has cut back on routine eye care, like annual exams.

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Business manager Patty Adams says they’re seeing far fewer patients than before.

“We’ve gone from seeing 100 patients a day to only emergency medically necessary patients, which some days will amount to 2 or 5,” Adams says.

But even come Thursday, Simpson Optical says it won’t close all together, it’ll just adapt.

Patients will still be able to pick up glasses, curbside. It says it’s lucky to having understanding customers right now.

“We’re saying 90 days and everybody is more than willing to make an appointment 90 days out,” says Owner Karen McMillin. “Yeah, they’ve been really receptive to the fact that even though it may not be 90 days, we’ll call them and move their appointments up,” says Office Manager Danny Hardesty.

McMillin says this is just what businesses need to do.

“Everyone should just follow the governor’s guidelines,” says McMillin. “Call the businesses. Continue to support local business here in Lexington. It’s so important.”